Mould design unfold entirely in-house with our higly specialized staff and the latest generation of 3D design software, conceiving the equipment at the highest level of detail and studying carefully its functionality to improve the final product feasibility.


The project team has the commitment of maximizing the mould efficency according to the client production capacity; to do this, the necessary information for the mould construction are processed taking into account the material of the finished product, the production cycle timing, the extraction type (automatic, semiautomatic or with master controller) and the product packaging.
In close cooperation with the injection system producers we analyze the filling flow, the potential deformations and the mould flow.


The mould production is made entirely in-house through the latest generation of high speed working center, with 3/5 axis and a milling range of X3500 – Y2500 – Z1200 as well as all the equipments and the machinery required for the finishing and the assembly of moulds up to 22 tons. The final phase is carried out with the surface finishing and the mould test, the latter in order to evaluate the quality of both the mould and the final product and to get the client approval.


Working course 2200mm x 2500mm x 1500mm

5-axis milling in continuous at 18,000 rpm