EICMA Fair with the most prestigious motorcycle manufacturers

Eicma this year has meant for us to see the fruits of our work. Three of the most prestigious motorcycle manufacturers have chosen Mondialstampi and Time Tecnologie for the molds and molding of fairings and accessories of the latest models born, exhibited at the fair.

The satisfaction in having contributed to the final result stems from the attitude of active collaboration: we are not only “the company that designs, builds the mould and produces”, but we become active CONSULTANTS. OPTIMIZING means for us to give greater value to the final product: materials, shapes, simplifications, innovation. This is our contribution, which over the years has loyal customers and is making us expand across the border. With Esedra Studio we can start from the Concept, to develop ideas and create new products. A sector, that of auto-motive, in which we are concentrating, obtaining positive and growing feedback.


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