EUROBIKE 2017: Esedra C’E’ Group!

EUROBIKE 2017: Esedra C’E’ Group. With this payoff the Group begins the 2017/2018 fair season, starting from the BIKE sector. It does this starting from the zero point, from the concept design, and then continues with the industrialization and prototyping of the product.Objective: to provide the service in a short time, fresh and technologically advanced ideas in a sector more and more attentive to innovation, performance and aesthetics.

The result is the Reset 661 helmet for Bravo Sport, the Pure Instinct bike carrier for Peruzzo, the Quick Motion Roller for Elite.

Projects that take shape, but are born of many years of experience in the sector and of shared and continuous internal research: materials, lines, functions. The product that is born must give an experience to those who enjoy it: the bike passion.

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